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bKash app

bKash app is one of the most used smartphone app in Bangladesh. If you already know about Bangladeshi mobile financial services. Then I’m pretty much sure that you are also informed about the popularity of bKash. Yeah, bKash is now one of the most popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh. There are also available many mobile banking services such as Rocket, mCash, Easy Cash, Sure Cash. Although, bKash is now most dominating brand in mobile financial service market of Bangladesh.

Recently on 26 April 2019, bKash launched their app for smartphone users. Actually, bKash started getting massive responses after their entry into the market. So, finally they have launched the mobile app to boost up the existed popularity. And really they have contributed a revolution in the mobile banking industry of Bangladesh. According to Google Play Store, till now 10 million+ installs have been made for bKash app. So, bKash users are now enjoying more easy transaction services through their smartphone. Today we will review this money app & share all the necessary information about that. So, it will be helpful for you if you are a new user of bKash mobile banking service.

About bKash Company

First things first! Before talking about bKash app, we should introduced with bKash company. bKash is a mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh. It is a subsidiary company of BRAC bank. bKash operated under the authority of Bangladesh bank. Most of us know only that bKash is a product of BRAC Bank Limited. But maybe you don’t know that bKash started its journey as a joint venture between BRAC Bank Limited, Bangladesh & Motion LLC, USA. After that, they also involved with some partners, investors such as IFC, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ant Financial. According to a statistical report, about 22% Bangladeshi adults use bKash and daily 4.5 million transactions occurred through bKash. You may know more details about bKash from their official website, Wikipedia & newspaper.

bKash App – Simple, Easy & Secure!

Mobile financial service ‘bKash’ have released their app for smartphone users. Which is very simple, easy-to-use & a highly secured app for making transactions in Bangladesh. bKash account holders can use this app for free. Simply you have to download & install it from the mobile app store. bKash app is available for both Android & Apple iOS users. You can easily send money, recharge mobile balance, make payments / bills & many more things. You have already informed that, this app first released on 26 April, 2019. But continuously the new features are coming in this app.

Features of bKash App [Review]

Are you interested to install the app of bKash? Then you should know the features of this money app. Let’s check out all the features:

  • EASY ON-BOARDING: The installation & starting the app is very easy. Simply download & install it on your mobile. Then open the App. You will have to put your bKash account details. Voice instruction is also available while opening the app to guide you!
  • OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT: If you don’t have bKash account. Then you can also open new bKash account by this app. It’s very easy & simple. So, you don’t have to go bKash agent for opening a bKash account.
  • HIGHLY SECURE MOBILE BANKING: bKash have ensured maximum security on their app. You have to insert your PIN for each log in and make transactions. So, no one can access your app without knowing your PIN. But, make sure that your PIN is secret! Don’t share your bKash PIN with anyone else. Otherwise the security is valueless.
  • PERSONALIZATION: You can set your display name & profile picture to show in the app!
  • EASE OF ACCESS: bKash offers their app in two languages (Bengali & English). So, all classes of users can operate it easily. You also know that voice assistance tooltip feature is also available on this app. So, it is easy to access.
  • INSTANT FUND TRANSFER FROM BANK / CARD: Before launching the app, going to bKash agent was the only option to add money for your bKash account. Now, add funds to the bKash account is more easy than past. You can directly & instantly transfer funds from banks / cards to your bKash account. At this moment, BRAC Bank, City Bank, Dhaka Bank, Midland Bank, Mutual Trust Bank, Standard Chartered Bank & Bank Asia is available for fund transfer for bKash. You can also transfer your fund from MasterCard to bKash.
  • SELECT RECIPIENT FROM CONTACT LIST: One of the most amazing feature is that you can select your desire recipient from your contact list! So that there is no chance for making mistakes. Before releasing the app, bKash users faced dificulty to type recipient numbers. Many users made mistake & lost money. So, finally the solution available for bKash account holders. Enjoy error-free transaction with bKash app!
  • SCAN QR CODE FOR FASTER PAYMENT AND CASH OUT: This is an another exciting feature that will help you to make error-free cash out & payment related transaction. That means, you can cash out money from agent by no typing the agent number. Simply you have to scan the QR code which will be available at the agent shop. The same system is also applicable for making merchant payments.
  • MOBILE RECHARGE: You can easily top-up your mobile balance through this app. Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Grameenphone, Teletalk users can use their bKash account app for recharging their balance at any time without any extra cost.
  • BEST RECHARGE OFFERS: This is another feature which will help you to know the latest offers of your mobile operators. So that you can recharge mobile balance according to various offers.
  • NEARBY DISCOUNT OFFERS: This is very interesting & helpful feature for bKash app users. Now you can check your nearby discount offers which eligible for bKash account holders. Actually, it works based on GPS.
  • PAY FOR YOUR BILLS: Monthly utility bill payment is one of the painful task for us. Now, bKash offers the bills payment solution also though their app. You can pay various monthly bills such as electricity / internet bills.
  • BUY MOVIE TICKETS: Looking for movie tickets? This solution is also available on the bKash app. You can easily buy movie tickets by paying through app at any time! But movie theatre partners are limited at this moment.
  • TAP AND HOLD TO CONFIRM: While making final transactions, you have to tap & hold to confirm. It provides greater control to you.
  • SAVED PAYMENT AND PAYMENT REMINDER: You will never forget about your periodical regular bills / payments. Now, you can save payment & also set reminders.
  • SAVED AGENT: Suppose, you cash out regularly from a bKash agent. Then you can also save the bKash agent for making future cash out easy.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: You can get notified about your latest transactions & any promotional offers from bKash.
  • STATEMENT: Monitor your transactions with the statement feature. bKash app provides mini statement & monthly summary based on your total transactions.
  • CHECK LIMIT: You may know there is some limit for bKash transactions. You can check real-time transaction limit on this app.
  • ONE-TAP BALANCE CHECK: Checking bKash balance is now easier with app! It’s a task of one tap only!
  • REQUEST MONEY: This is a new feature of bKash mobile banking service. You can send request for money to your friends & family! So that they can easily send money depends on your instant need.
  • GREATER TRANSPARENCY: bKash always ensures greater transparency. So, this is also visible on their mobile app.
  • REFER A FRIEND: If your friends & family interested to install bKash app. Then you can refer them to win rewards!

bKash App Download & Install

Now, it’s time to download the app. If you are a bKash account holder. It is a wise decision to use bKash app. Because it enables you to make transactions more easily & in a faster way. You already know that bKash app is available for Android & Apple iOS. So, download it from your desired app store. bKash authority has always offered to download their app from the authorized app store such like as Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Otherwise, you may hacked for downloading apps from any unauthorized third party app store. bKash app download link given below:

Conclusion – Enjoy The Best Mobile Banking Service With bKash!

Without any doubt, bKash is the fastest growing & one of the most popular mobile financial service in Bangladesh. So, let’s make your daily financial life easier with bKash. We hope that you liked today’s review & started using this app. Don’t forget to share your comment based on your experience with bKash & their app.

Written by: Md. Abdullah Al Maruf

Hi, I'm Maruf from Rangpur, Bangladesh. Studying Accounting & Information Systems at Begum Rokeya University. At the same time, I'm an online professional. Stay connected with me.

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