SSC Result 2020 Published Date | SSC Result Latest News Update

SSC Result 2020 Published Date

SSC Result 2020 Published Date will be found here on our website. At this moment, SSC result publish date is a trending topic for google search. Because, SSC result usually published after within 3 months of the ending the exam. You know, this year SSC exam 2020 ended on 12 march. So, this is the probable time of publishing the SSC Result 2020.

You should know that at this moment corona virus pandemic is happening in the world. Bangladesh is also passing very bad time through a lockdown period for this virus. Everything stuck for this running pandemic. That is why this year SSC result published date is a little bit uncertain. But don’t worry! I am here to share with you guys all about the latest news of SSC Result 2020 Publish Date. Please, read the full post with 100% concentration. You will know the SSC exam result date.

SSC Exam 2020 All Education Board of Bangladesh

SSC Exam 2020

Before knowing the result publish date. Let’s check out the SSC exam 2020 at a glance. As you know, SSC (Secondary School Certificate) is one of the most important public exams in Bangladesh. According to the education system of Bangladesh, class 10 students must face this public exam. This exam held under 9 general education board & 2 specialized board. The two specialized boards are Madrasah Board & Technical Board. Dakhil exam is for Madrasah students. On the other hand, SSC vocational exam is for Technical education board students. These 2 exam considered as equivalent of SSC.

This year, almost 20,47,779 students attended the Secondary School Certificate exam 2020 under 11 education board in total. SSC exam started this year on 3 February and ended on 12 March. Although, the starting date was 1 February. But it changed to 3 February for Dhaka City Corporation election issue.

ExamSecondary School Certificate (SSC)
Host of the ExamEducation Board of Bangladesh
Exam Start Date3 February 2020
Exam End Date12 March 2020
Total Candidates20,47,779
Total Exam Centres3,504

SSC Result 2020 Published Date

SSC Result Publish Date

Every SSC candidate is passing now their days with worries. Because, SSC exam result 2020 is knocking at their door. If you have attended SSC exam this year. Then I am sure that you are looking for the SSC Result 2020 Published Date. I’ve noticed that people are searching in google through following queries:

  • SSC Result Kobe Dibe?
  • When SSC result 2020 will be published?
  • SSC Result Publish Date 2020
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You have come to the right website. Because here I am sharing the actual & real publish date for SSC exam. First of all, SSC result publish date not announced yet officially. But every year we can find a probable date by some calculation. Such as, according to previous result publishing dates, we can see that the result usually published within 3 months after finishing the exam. Let’s check out the previous years SSC result publish date.

SSC Result 201417 May 2014
SSC Result 201530 May 2015
SSC Result 201611 May 2016
SSC Result 201704 May 2017
SSC Result 20186 May 2018
SSC Result 20196 May 2019
SSC Result 20207 May 2020

So, When SSC Result 2020 Will Be Published?

According to previous year data, we can predict that this year SSC result 2020 will be published on May 2020. But the actual date not announced yet by the authority. From a confidential source, we got a probable date of SSC Exam Result 2020. So, we are announcing this date unofficially.

SSC Result 2020 will be published on 07 May, 2020.

Is it the final date of publishing SSC result 2020?

Obviously No! Because we already mentioned that 07 May is the probable date of this year SSC result. We got this date from unauthentic source. So, this is not the final date! When the education ministry of Bangladesh will announce the SSC Result 2020 Published Date. We will post the update here. So, keep visiting this post regularly for getting the latest news update about SSC result 2020.

Will the SSC result 2020 delay or postpone for Coronavirus?

It is a very good question & perfect for the present situation in Bangladesh. As you know, Covid-19 / Coronavirus named as a global pandemic. So, Bangladesh is also suffering. Our country is now lockdown. So, it is relevant question that will the results delay or postpone? Among many students & guardians, this confusion has arisen. Actually, till now the authority didn’t announce any notice regarding on this issue. But Jessore board has published a notice about SSC result. We will also share the notice below. Till that time, we are predicting that, SSC result will publish on time.

  SSC Result 2020 Publish Notice – Jessore Board

SSC Result 2020 Notice Jessore Board

Jessore education board published a notice about SSC Result 2020. They have announced that the SSC Result 2020 will be sent to mobile numbers through SMS. So, they asked all the guardians to submit a mobile number on their website.

How To Check SSC Result 2020 – All Education Board of Bangladesh

এসএসসি রেজাল্ট দেখবেন যেভাবে

As you already know, SSC exam result 2020 will be published on 07 May. Now, do you want to know the process of checking the result? Ok, then I will share with you the method of getting SSC result all education boards of Bangladesh. Actually, there are so many ways to get the result. Few of them are mentioned below:

Online / Website: Education ministry has two official website which is familiar as result portal. You can visit those websites & will get your SSC result by submitting your necessary information such as Roll, Reg. Number, Board. The link of those two websites: /

Mobile SMS: You can also check your SSC exam result through mobile SMS. All the mobile operator of Bangladesh is providing this service for 2 Taka per result. Although the service powered by Teletalk actually. There is a specific SMS format by which you can get your result within few second. The format is given below:

SSC <Space> Board Name <Space> Roll <Space> Exam Year

You have to compose a message on your mobile by following above format. Then send it to 16222. You will get a reply message with your result. 2 Taka will be deducted from your mobile account balance for a result check.

Your Educational Institution: This is an another way to check your SSC result. You can also get your SSC exam result by visiting your own educational institute. The institute authority publishes all their student’s results on their notice board.

Other Methods: There are so many other tricky methods to check our your exam result of SSC. Such as: you can comment on this post with your detail information. We will reply back with your SSC result. There are so many Facebook community also. They can also help you to check fast SSC result 2020.

Final Words – Good Wishes for SSC Candidates

Wishing you very good luck for all the candidates of SSC 2020 batch. I hope, all of you guys will do a great result in SSC 2020. Comment below if you have any question about SSC Result 2020 Published Date. I will try to help. Thank you.

Written by: Md. Abdullah Al Maruf

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