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SSC Result 2020

SSC Result 2020 is now a hot trending search in Bangladesh. Because secondary school certificate exam 2020 result has published. Are you also looking for SSC exam result for you or your relatives? Then this is one of the most perfect article for you. I have shared today ‘A Ultimate Guideline To Get SSC Result 2020 With Marksheet’. Please read the full post attentively. So that you can check your SSC examination result quickly & easily.

An Overview on SSC Examination 2020

At first, we should know about SSC examination 2020. As you know, SSC is the acronym of Secondary School Certificate. It is one of the biggest public examinations in the education system of Bangladesh. Although it isn’t the first public exam for students. In our country, students face 2 more exams (PSC & JSC) before facing SSC examination. Actually, class 10 students attend this exam, which is arranged by the education ministry of Bangladesh. Only SSC passing students able to admit in colleges. As we told already that the education ministry arrange this SSC examination. But it held under different education boards.

SSC Exam

SSC is also called as matriculation exam. It gives certificates for completing the secondary education. This year, SSC examination has started on 3 February & ended on 12 March 2020. Total 20,47,779 students attended this exam from 28,682. Total number of exam center was 3,504. Among them, 8 exam centers were abroad. Secondary School Certificate exam 2020 held this year under 3 category education board like as General, Madrasah & Technical. Among them, 9 education boards were general. SSC exam under the Madrasah education board is called as Dakhil exam. On the other hand, Technical education board SSC is considered as the Vocational (SSC). Both are treated as equivalent of Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

ExamSecondary School Certificate (SSC)
Host of the ExamEducation Board of Bangladesh
Exam Start Date3 February 2020
Exam End Date12 March 2020
Total Candidates20,47,779
Total Exam Centres3,504

SSC Result 2020 Published Date & Time

You are looking for the SSC result publish date & time. Am I right? Yes, I know! Because SSC exam result is now knocking at the door. After so many uncertainties because of Corona virus issue. Education ministry authority declared that SSC result 2020 will be published at the right time. There will be no delay. But till now they didn’t announce the exact date. Although we have a news from unauthentic source about SSC result publish date.

SSC Result 2020 Will Be Published On 7 May 2020

SSC Result Publish Date

This date is totally unofficial. So, when the education ministry will announce the exact date. We will update it on this post. If we talk about the result publish time. Then it is easy to predict. Because every year the time format is same for every public exam. Usually, education ministry Dr. Dipu Moni will hand over the result at 10 AM to our honorable prime minister. After that, the result will be available to public at 2 PM.  That means, you can check your result at 2 PM through website or mobile SMS. The result with mark sheet will also available on same day after 5 PM.

3 Ways To Check Your SSC Result 2020

There are several ways available to check your result. But you we can consider 3 ways which are most recognized & used methods. So, now you are waiting for getting your SSC result as early as possible. Then I will recommend those 3 ways by which you can collect your result quickly. Let’s have a look at those points:

এসএসসি রেজাল্ট দেখবেন যেভাবে

#1 Online / Website: The most used & popular method is online for checking any result. Almost all types of public exam result published online through website. Education ministry also publishes SSC result online. So that anyone can access the result anytime from anywhere. They upload the whole result database & make it accessible at a specific time. We just need to visit their result checking website & submit our information. Then, within a moment, we get our result. But you should also know that the website becomes down sometimes for heavy pressure on result day. There are two official web portal which facilitates the result checking process. Visit now or

#2 Mobile SMS: Maybe you know that you can also collect your SSC exam result by mobile SMS. It is very easy & fast way to get the result in hand. The process is also little bit simple. You have to compose a message by following a specific format & need to send it to 16222. Then you will get an auto reply message with your result. This service powered by Teletalk. But available to all the mobile operators in Bangladesh. It will charge only 2 Taka per result check. The SMS format will mentioned in below. Please continue reading the remaining posts in detail.

#3 Own School: An another great way to get result is to visit your school. Because each school publishes the SSC result on their notice board. But they online publish their student’s result. So, you must have to visit your own school from where you appeared in the SSC examination 2020. You can also get chances to celebrate your result with your friends if you check result by going school premises.

SSC Result 2020 Check Online Now

We have already mentioned that SSC result will be published online. So, you have to visit the official website for collecting the result. I will share here the step by step guideline for checking the SSC result through websites. and is the two recognized web portal where the SSC result will be available. You will also able to check SSC exam result on this website by commenting below.


  • At first, click this link:
  • Select SSC / Dakhil from the Examination field. If you are from the technical education board. Then you have to select SSC (Vocational).
  • Then select 2020 as your SSC exam year.
  • Now choose your board from which you participated in the SSC examination 2020. If you attended Dakhil exam. Then you have to select Madrasah as education board. On the other hand, select Technical board if you attended Vocational exam.
  • Type your Roll & Registration number in the respective field.
  • Finally, type the easy Captcha code & click Submit button.


  • At first, visit now this web URL:
  • Select SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent as your examination.
  • Select exam year 2020.
  • Choose your education board.
  • Select Individual Result from result type option.
  • Enter your SSC Roll.
  • Type the security Captcha key in the respective field.
  • Submit the Get Result button.

I hope you got the process of checking results through an internet connection. You can check it from any kind of digital devices like as computer, mobile, tablet. But keep in mind that, those sites become down on that day for heavy pressure. You have to try continuously with patience.

Get SSC Result by Mobile SMS

Mobile SMS is another popular way to check SSC result easily within a moment. It is very easy process. Although it is not a free service. You have to pay 2 Taka per result check. All the mobile operator company is providing this service. But actually this service powered by Teletalk. There is a specific SMS format by which you can know the result. You will only able to check SSC Result 2020 when the government actually makes it public. The procedure is given below. Please follow the steps for getting SSC result by mobile SMS.

ssc result by mobile sms

General Education Board

If you participated SSC exam 2020 from any general education board. Then this SMS format is applicable for you to get your SSC result through message. First of all, compose a message on your mobile phone. Type SSC <space> First 3 Letters of Your Education Board <space> Your SSC Roll <space> 2020. Send this message to 16222. Then you will get a reply message with your result. Suppose, I’m a student of Dhaka board & looking for my SSC result. Then the example SMS format is given bellow.

SSC DHA 814580 2020

Madrasha Board

If you are a Madrasha background student & participated the SSC exam this year. Then the SMS format will almost same. But there is little bit change. At first, compose a message on your phone. Type now Dakhil <space> MAD <space> Roll Number <space> 2020 and send this SMS to 16222. An example SMS format is given below:

Dakhil MAD 510354 2020

Technical Board

Technical board offers SSC equivalent exam, which called as Vocational. SMS format is a little bit different. Compose a message on your mobile, type now SSC <space> TEC <space> Roll <space> 2020 & send it to 16222. You can follow below example format SMS:

SSC TEC 853645 2020

How To Check My SSC Exam Result Through School?

Maybe you know or don’t know that you can also get your SSC result from your own school. Because every educational institute publishes their student’s result on the notice board. So that student & their guardians can easily able to check SSC result within short time. On 07 May, go to your own educational institution & wait till the publish time. It gives a great opportunity to celebrate SSC result with your other friends together.

ssc result celebration

You may become curious that how an educational institution got the SSC result. Actually, each & every educational institution has a connection with the respective educational board. So, on the day of result publish, they collect their institution result sheet from the board. Then it becomes available on the notice board in school premises. So, it is a good technique to collect your result without any server down problem!

Dakhil Result 2020 Madrasah Board

You have already known that Dakhil is called as an equivalent exam of SSC. Mainly, madrasah background students participate this exam. But it is equivalent to Secondary School Certificate. Madrasah education board of Bangladesh facilitates the Dakhil exam. This exam start & end at the same time with SSC. So, result also become published on the same day. Dakhil result 2020 will be published on 07 May.

If you are looking for SSC result 2020 for Madrasha board. Then, you have to follow the same process & methods which have mentioned above. There is just a simple change. If you want to check dakhil result 2020 online / website. Then visit the website and input all your necessary information like as Examination, Year, Roll, Registration number. Don’t forget to select your board as Madrasha.

SSC Vocational Result 2020 Technical Education Board

Alongside with the general education & madrasha education in Bangladesh. We have also technical education system. SSC exam also held under the technical education board. It is called as the Vocational (SSC) exam, which is also equivalent of SSC. BTEB is the short name of Bangladesh Technical Education Board. It has established in June 1, 1954. This board works for developing & monitoring the technical & vocational education in Bangladesh.

If you have attended SSC exam 2020 under BTEB. Then your result will also publish on 07 May. On that day, the SSC & Dakhil result will also become published. The vocational result checking process is almost same as Dakhil / SSC. You have to select your board as Technical. Mobile SMS is also the way of getting vocational result easily. The first three letters of this board are TEC. Use this word in the mobile SMS format as your board name. Remaining format is same. We have already mentioned the format above.

SSC Exam Result With Marksheet Download

ssc result marksheet

In our education system, all results prepared in grading point average. But all of us want to know the mark sheet also. Do you want to check the SSC result with Marksheet? Do you also want to download Marksheet? Now I will discuss about downloading SSC marksheet 2020.

Actually, there is no different method to check the Marksheet. It is the same process that we already know. You have to just check after 4-5 hours after the result publish time. Every year SSC exam results usually published at 2 PM. GPA is only visible item on the result page at 2PM. But after 3-4 hours, the Marksheet are also becoming available. So, you just need to check it after 5 / 6 PM. You can also download or print the SSC Marksheet from any computer. Visit now these websites for check SSC Result With Marksheet Download: or


I hope you have read the full post & you are able to check your SSC result 2020. You can comment below for any support regarding on this topic. Comment with your SSC roll & board name. We will reply back with your result! Good wishes for all of you. Share this post please. Stay connected for getting SSC result latest news 2020.

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